What is the salary of US President Joe Biden?

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According to the South China Morning Post, US President Joe Biden receives an annual salary of  4 million, or more than  34.27 million. With this he gets many more benefits.

They may not be finished.  There is an Air Force One aircraft for the US President.

It has three floors. In all, the space is four thousand square feet. Surgery can also be done on an emergency basis in the hospital there.  

The plane has the president’s private room and a spacious kitchen. It can cook 100 people at a time.  

Apart from these, there is a 132-room White House.

Before becoming president,
India TV reported that Joe Biden became a US senator in 1982 at the age of 29. He is one of the youngest senators in the history of the country. His annual salary in the Senate started at 42,500.  

When he left the Senate in 2009, he had a net worth of লাখ 169,300. His annual salary as Vice President of the United States was ৩০ 230,600.  

Biden’s first memoir, Promise to Keep, was published in 2006. From this book he received a royalty of 61 thousand dollars. He also received হাজার 9,500 for an audio book at that time.  

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